The #TransphobiaIsASin Campaign, is an annual social media event that calls attention to the religious violence impacting Trans, Non-Binary and Gender Expansive people globally (especially those that are Black, Brown and/or Indigenous.) It happens every year on January 15th and launched for the first time in 2019.
Who can participate?
Anyone invested in ending religious violence (ie: all violence) against Trans, Non-Binary and/or Gender Expansive people.

How do I participate?

1. Take a photo of yourself with a sign saying one of the following lines: “Transphobia is a Sin”, “Transphobia is Haram”, “Trans People are Divine”, or “Trans People Exist Because Our Ancestors Existed”

2. Use the hashtag #TransphobiaIsASin

3. Post on social media Jan 15th

Which social media should I post to?
YES! Any of them! This campaign happens on all social media platforms!

Do y’all have sample photos from previous years?!? We sure do!!

Brown skinned Black Trans Woman in front of a church holding a sign that reads Trans People are Divine and wearing a multicolored striped skirt with grey sweatshirt.
Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi
The Black Trans Prayer Book, Co-Founder
Light skinned Black Transmasc person with fire red hair holding a sign that says Transphobia is Haram in a wooded area
J Mase III
The Black Trans Prayer Book, Co-Founder
Dark skinned Black Transfemme person with a full beat face staring into the camera while baring a sign declaring Transphobia Is a Sin
Déjà Baptiste
The Black Trans Prayer Book, Contributor


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